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Thasos is connected with Kavala and Keramoti via Ferry boats.


 “Alexander the Great” airport which is 27 kilometers far from Kavala and just 5 kilometers away from the port of Keramoti. To the International Airport of Kavala there are daily flights from and to Athens (50 minutes) as well as many flights to and from several European capitals & cities.


From the ports of Kavala and Keramoti, where ferry boats regularly depart with destination the ports of Prinos and Limenas in Thassos.



Thasos is the northern island of the Aegean Sea and it’s an ideal place for vacations. It has spotless beaches with fine sand, green fields with pine and olive trees which reach down to the sea. On the island there are also picturesque, traditional villages and small seaside settlements. Thasos provides the visitor with unique sights and memories.

The History of the island begins long ago, at first as a Phoenician colony, due to the exploitation of the mines of gold and silver. These mines could be found at the eastern part of the island, as historian Herodotus informs us. According to the tradition, the name of the island derives from the name of the Phoenician prince, Thasos. Thasos, grandson or son of the Phoenician king Agenor, in search of Europe his beloved mistress, finally reached Thasos Island. Amazed by the terrific climate and the rich vegetation of the island and at the same time unable to return without Europe, he abandoned his research. He moved into the island with his companions, settled for life and since then the island has his name.

Another myth claims that Thasos was the island of Sirens, the evil women a body ending to a fish tail. They had such nice voice that every passing naval who heard them was charmed and subsequently devoured by them.

During the famous Odysseus journey, Sirens tried in vain to charm him; it is rumored that they were living in Thasos.


Artemisio is one of the most ancient monuments of the island. It is dating back to the 6th century BC and can be found south of the Passage of the Theores, on the hillside artificial terrace.

Poseidon’s sanctuary built at a short distance from the sea, to the east of the port and opposite to one of the gates of the coastal wall, was easily accessible to seafarers. Front of the frontage maintained very well an altar of Hera. Poseidon’s sanctuary is dated from 4th century BC.

The archaeological museum of Thasos is yet another interesting attraction of the island and the main finding is the “Krioforos Kouros” a 7th century BC,    3, 5 meters high statue, which depicts a naked young man carrying a lamb.

A superb place for a visit or pilgrimage is the Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael in Thasos, founded by the Athos Holy Mountain Monastery of Filothei. We still do not know the exact year of it's establishment. It’s existence is indicated for the first time on a formal document, in 1287. Some repairs took place in 1835. The church is 9 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters high.