COVID-19 Announcement

The Royal Paradise Resort & Spa we adapt our operation considering the new Safety standards & Hygiene protocols.

We providing fast check in, our employees using the appropriate equipment will be welcoming our guests in our outdoor spaces always keeping the safety distances.

Main measures & procedures:


Check out time will be at 11am and check in will be at 15:00pm in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms and sanitized with our system of Ozon O3.


We welcome our guests with sterilized hot towels, and of course welcome drinks! Every additional not basic equipment like magazines, covers will be removed from the room.


We establish a disinfection team, that will supervise the cleaning of the rooms and sterilized the rooms with the system O3

Also specialize in cleaning rooms with suspicious or confirmed cases of coronavirus. In the event that the potentially ill cannot be transferred to a health center or the nearest hospital, a separate area will be created with strict distance and occupancy measures for the rooms and special cleaning will be carried out.


Royal Paradise trademark is gastronomy since buffets are the most famous features of our product and are highly valued and appreciated by our guests, the buffets will be maintained, while there will be more individual portions as well as packaged products and delicious recipes from the Chef with live cooking.

For that reason, additional safety measures will be introduced which must be followed by both guests & employees.

We provide the a la carte options at Elea restaurant the Snacks at the Pool & Beach Bar Aiolos and In Room Dinning during 24 hours a day.

For the purpose, we provide safer customer service and strict hygiene and distance measures will be applied by employees.

Breakfast & dinner operating hours will available due to the reduced capacity of the restaurants. In addition, the hands’ disinfection will be mandatory upon entry. Temperature control will be even stricter. The tables will be covered with tablecloths sanitized with O3 and cutlery will be on the tables. Cutlery will be replaced with increased frequency


Each room will have its own umbrella or gazebo at the beach or the pool throughout stay. Service will be offered in a regular basis with all the drinks and the snacks.

The large areas of our hotels and the sandy beach allow even longer distances of umbrellas / gazebos 5 meter between them, we separate families, couples and susceptible people that those specified.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our pool & hydromassage areas will be increased and disinfectant products suitable for the current situation will be used for the water.

Disinfection is done before each use of the customer but also at regular intervals there are disinfections in all areas by the hotel staff.

Services not available: gym, interior swimming pool