Iosif Poulos Conference Center is much more than just a “conference”

An experience with Impressive conference halls, excellent food and outstanding services Corporate meetings & business events held in luxurious and fully equipped halls that promise to meet every business need of yours. Conference room with a capacity of 120-160 people, with modern audiovisual equipment, microphones & translation center.


Slide Projector, Wired & Wireless Microphones, Projector Screen - Dvd Player, Overhead Projector, Display Panel, Air Conditioning Cooling / Heating.

Other business benefits

Video Projector, Secretarial Support, Audio-Visual Recorder Installation, Laser Printer, Wireless Internet Access, ISDN Lines, Facsimile, Photocopier, Photograph.

Coffee Breaks & Menus

The Coffee break is a very important moment for the success of your conference, your talk or the presentation of a product. Not only will your guests be able to recharge their energy and pay more attention to your presentation, but it can also be a moment for connecting and getting feedback on your event.

The staff at Royal Paradise Hotel is available at any time to help you organize your events. They will prepare whatever you prefer, sweet or savory choices and all kinds of hot or cold drinks you wish to serve.